By: Alexa Spears

Couples That Strip Together, Stay Together

Chicago couples looking for a fun and even romantic night consider Club 390’s couples strip club package. You will have a sexy date night filled with erotic fun!

A little field research

After a brief online search, I discovered Club 390 in Chicago Heights. and decided this was the place we would go. Couple friendly and they had special couples packages. The packages are perfect for a couple having a date night.

I asked my husbands best friend if he’d mind going to this gentlemen’s club with me because I wanted to see what it was like first before I brought my husband.

The strip club was unlike any other strip club in Chicago. They have both fully nude entertainers and a full liquor bar, virtually unheard of in Chicago strip clubs.

For a strip club to be in business for 15 years, they have to be doing something right!

Strip club couples packages

The Club 390 waitress told us that many couples visit the club throughout the week to enjoy the packages.

They had three different couples packages: The Spark, Romance, and Fantasy packages. All offering free cover and champaign. When we got to our VIP seats and we had our choice of strippers!

After a few minutes, one of the super hot girls approached us and asked if we wanted a dance. We both looked at each other and said, “hell, yes!” As a result, she grabbed another 390 girl, and off we went

The girls mentioned we could do either a topless or full-nude dance. We did the full-nude. I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot this was and couldn’t wait to share it with my husband.

By the end of the night (Club 390 closes at 6 AM on the weekends) I was making it rain with my singles while singing along to Snoop Dog!

The big night!

Having done my research, I was ready to tell my husband about Club 390 and their excellent couples packages. He was more excited than I was after telling him about my new favorite place in Chicago Heights!

Upon arrival, we told the manager we had pre-ordered the Fantasy Couples Package. He escorted us through the line and right to our table in one of the VIP sections.

Right away, my husband said this a high-end club, and he knew we’d have an awesome night. This strip club just had a way of bringing out my inner wild side. There’s a certain ambiance that could inspire you to bring out your inner sex kitten. I was ready for a night the both of us as a couple wouldn’t soon forget.

The Fantasy Package was beyond our imagination

The girls were incredibly gorgeous and knew just what to do to ramp up the excitement for the night. I felt completely comfortable and we were not the only couple there.

Knowing Club 390 is couples-friendly, has full nude dances, a full liquor bar and located in Chicago Heights we are now telling all our married friends this is THE strip club they have to check it out. By the end of the night, we were laughing from an exciting night and horny from the sexy ambiance.