Club 390 Social Media Guidelines

Social media has transformed how Entertainers promote themselves and manage their careers. With pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, 390 Girls can advertise their dance schedules, and tell your regulars and other 390 guests, when you’ll be dancing. Social media is super important to let your followers know when your performances will be and build up a huge fanbase. Once you have a good amount of followers, they’ll start showing up at the club, asking for you, and you exclusively. Once this happens, the amount of money you can make is unlimited!!

Club 390 has set up our own social media pages described below. You don’t have to submit nude, or even topless photos to the sites. Check out the descriptions below, and submit what you are comfortable with!

And here’s the best part, you don’t even have to submit your own pictures! All you have to do is email them, or short videos, to Kristina or Jessi and they will get them posted for you!


Facebook, Instagram & TikTok

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For these three social media sites, please submit pictures of yourself wearing “normal”, everyday clothes. Jeans, leggings, yoga pants, sexy sweaters, etc. It’s important to remember that these social media sites don’t allow nudity of any kind, but you can still be super sexy by wearing tight, low-cut tops, short shorts, bathing suits, etc. Be as sexy as you want, but leave your clothes on for these sites.

Here are the club’s pages to visit:

For submitting photos for Twitter, please remember, nudity is not allowed on here. For Twitter, please submit images of yourself in provocative dance wear and work out outfits. Images can show some cleavage, but nothing too revealing. Pictures from behind are good, showing off your backside.

Here’s the link to the club’s Twitter page:

Here’s the good news, you can post nude photos and videos on OnlyFans! OnlyFans is the site for you to show off your “best assets”. Here you can submit just about anything and leave viewers wanting more. Anything goes here, topless or full nude!

Here are the club’s pages to visit: