Bachelor Party Ideas

A guys bachelor party is a big deal; it’s his last hurrah as a single man before entering into the world of marriage. Chances are he’ll want one last night of craziness with his closest buddies.

There’s a lot of pressure to plan the perfect bachelor party. To help you out, here are 10 fun ideas for a stripper-free bachelor party:

1. Gentlemen’s Club

The traditional way to do a bachelor party is at a strip club with lots of alcohol, beautiful fully nude strippers, video gaming, food, and VIP service for all party guests. Fortunately, Club 390 has all of the above and more! If you are looking for a traditional night, this is the place to go.

2. Paintballing

What’s more fun for a group of friends than spending a day shooting paint at each other? Contact a local paintball location and reserve an afternoon of fun! Split up into teams and do battle.

3. Poker night

If you can’t quite afford a trip to Las Vegas or afford the amount of money you expect to lose, having a friendly poker night with your friends is the next best thing. Celebrate with a night of Texas Hold ‘Em, beer and embarrassing stories about the groom. You can hold the game at home, or you might be able to rent out a private room in a casino without the airfare!

4. Extreme Sports

Do something extreme for the bachelor party to really get everyone’s blood pumping. Bungee jumping, sky diving, surfing, white water rafting, mountain climbing; there’s plenty of options to give the groom-to-be a thrill before he takes the plunge into marriage. Just make sure the bachelor arrives at the ceremony in one piece!

5. Road trip

Why not hit the open road and head to wherever the groom wants to go. Or, for the element of surprise, pick a place and don’t tell the groom where he’s going. You can visit cities he’s always wanted to go, or even places he remembers from his past. Travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a fun weekend with casinos, alcohol and tons of entertainment. And always remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

6. Golf Outing

If the groom is an avid golfer, what better way to spend his bachelor party than a round of golf with his friends? Even if all of the guys aren’t into golf, you can take them along and let the groom show them how it’s done, while they watch in the golf cart! Of course drinks at the clubhouse after 18 holes will finish off the day very nicely. 

7. Backyard BBQ

Want to enjoy the outdoors without any of the actual wilderness? Grilling up steaks on the barbecue with a cooler of cold ones in the backyard is just as good. Party under the stars with your friends without having to pitch a tent or start your own fire. Then, take turns telling stories about the groom from his wild single days. 

8. Go Karting

Bring out the competitive nature of all your friends with some go kart racing. Get out on the track and see which one of your friends is the fastest racer. Racing been a great activity for bachelor parties in recent years and its fast-paced nature and aspects of friendly, or not-so-friendly, competition makes it a great time!

9. Ski Trip

A skiing or snowboarding trip is a great idea for an adventurous party. Hit the slopes during the day and then spend some time chilling out in the lodge, go out for drinks and dinner at night. See what other activities are offered locally as well. 

10. Bar Crawl

Rent a limo and hit the town at all of your favorite bars and clubs. While you’re out, play some games or set embarrassing and hilarious challenges on the way. This will become even more entertaining the more drinks the group has. Consider taking the party on the road and revisit the groom’s college town and go to all of the bars he frequented as a student. You may even run into some of your professors!