Amber’s story

Three years ago after graduating high school I was tired of working my retail job and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then, a friend of mine suggested I try working at a local strip club in Chicago Heights, Club 390as an entertainer.

So I decided to stop in to Club 390 and see what it was all about. After I spoke to one the managers I decided to give it a try! I have to admit my first shift as a stripper at Club 390 I was a bit nervous. What will my friends think? What if my family finds out? How do you give a lap dance? Are all things that went through my mind. But, after my first couple of weeks at the club, I really didn’t have anything to worry about. The managers and the other 390 stripper girls were really great! They trained me on what to do, how to talk to guys in the club and how to give a super sexy lap dance.

Unlimited earning potential

After a few months I felt like I was a total pro and wished I had done this sooner! I discovered at Club 390 my earning potential is limitless. I can make as much or as little as I want. Literally, as an entertainer at Club 390 I can make as little as $20,000 a year working part-time or make more than $100,000 or more working full time. How much you make is entirely up to you. But if you hustle and get steady clients that only want to see you, you can make a ton of money!

Imagine right out of high school earning as much as your parents without any college or special skills. Most people go to trade school or college after high school to get a degree and earn a good living, but as a stripper you earn really good money right from the start! The money you make at Club 390 could turn into something really great. You could use the money for an education to start another career, start a business, enjoy an early retirement, travel the world or anything else a 390 entertainer may want. In an ideal world an entertainer could dance at Club 390 from when you’re 18 until you’re 30, that money could go a long way in setting up an amazing future for yourself!

Flexibility is key

Flexibility is also another huge benefit at Club 390. Being able to work when it’s best for you, makes this job an amazing fit for anyone! The 390 managers are totally cool about working with you on your schedule. At Club 390 there are so many dancers from all walks of life. Contrary to popular belief, not all dancers are single moms and college students. They are hair stylists, paralegals, teachers, entrepreneurs, personal trainers, biker enthusiasts, hippies, models and actresses. I’ve made some great friends here over the years.

It’s more than stripping

At Club 390 finding guys (and in some cases gals) to strip for is never a problem. And when I dance, I move so fast when I get offstage my hair is completely soaked! It’s a great workout. You get killer abs. They might not look like a six-pack (mine certainly don’t, except occasionally at certain angles under black lights), but I’m in the best shape of my life! As someone who’s never had a particularly healthy body image, dancing has helped me accept and appreciate my body for what it can do, rather than just what it looks like. Pole dancing is an amazing workout. It promotes core strength and gives one amazing muscle tone. BONUS – you get to incorporate the gym and your job!

Think about it, as a Club 390 stripper you are constantly moving around. Between stage performances, lap dances and walking around the club looking for customers to sell dances to, you never have to worry about gaining weight, because you’re behind a computer all day! Because you are so physically active, dancers become incredibly comfortable with their bodies. If a dancer is shy about her body before she becomes a dancer, she surely is not after doing the job for awhile!

Another great benefit is most dancers at Club 390 have amazing social skills. We have to learn how to talk to people from all walks of life and then make them feel comfortable enough to spend money on us. Those social skills also help build strong relationships with not only our regulars, but the Club 390 staff as well. Building relationships with people creates an environment where we can maximize the money we can make! A dancer’s social skills are half of her livelihood.

Playing dress up

Other perks of working at Club 390 are I get to wear luxurious gowns (although they aren’t on very long), gorgeous lingerie and super fun bikini’s! Oh, and don’t forget those super high heels! Each time I work at Club 390 it’s like getting to play dress up every night of the year! And let me tell you some of the guys at Club 390 go absolutely nuts with some of the outfits I wear!

If you’re looking for a great jobwhere you can make a ton of money, have fun and work the hours that you want to work, I highly recommend you give Club 390 in Chicago Heights a try.