Traveling is an essential part of life. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, for a long weekend or a 2 week cruise, packing is essential.
You want to make sure you pack enough outfits for your trip, but you don’t want to over pack and get hit with baggage fees. To avoid this, you’ll need to make use of all your available space. And when you arrive, you want your clothing to be wrinkle free and ready to wear, especially if you have a meeting when you land. 

Below are five travel hacks you may find useful:

#1  Layering Clothes

Lay your suitcase open, place your jackets and pants flat in the middle and keep the ends sticking out over the edges of the open case. Then, place another item on top, but this time facing the other way. Carefully fold the ends of your clothes over and into the center of the case, one by one, so the items become interlocked.

Travel Hack #2 Roll ‘Em

Mom always said to fold our clothes. However, rolling them is a great way to save time and space. You can stack your rolled clothes neatly together in your luggage, which means optimal space savings. The great thing about rolling your clothes is that you’ll also avoid wrinkles because you’re not folding or creasing anything.

Travel Hack #3

Socks and ShoesShoes – particularly those made from leather can get smashed, deform and bend under the weight of other clothing in your suitcase. So how do you make sure your shoes keep their shape and don’t end up looking like they’ve been run over by an 18-wheeler? Roll your socks and pack them tightly into your shoes to keep them firm. You should be able to get 2-3 pairs in each shoe and you’ll also free up more space in your luggage.

#4 Prevent Leaking Fluids

Try as you might, there’s always one toothpaste tube or moisturizer which leaks in your bag. Stopping unwanted leaking is simple! Just cut a piece plastic-wrap into a small square and place it over the opening on your bottles before you screw the top back on. This creates an additional protective seal and eliminates any unwanted spillage.

Travel Hack #5  Belts & Collars

This travel hack is a real game changer! How many times have opened your suitcase to find your shirt collars smashed? Super annoying we know. Here’s an easy solution, use your belt as a makeshift collar support. Roll up your belt and put it into your shirt’s open collar space. The rolled belt will keep your collar stiff and in holding its shape.